TILED (vertical) COLUMNS


Pine trees have a story, a meaning, an identity and a whole history and culture behind them !

Among tiled columns ceramic wall murals, we would like to specifically comment the elegant floral pine tree wall murals artistically designed with blue and green flowers on a white background all along, surrounded by thick striped borders, due to its high value symbolism! Yellow birds are also part of the decor !

In fact, one of the world’s greatest and most beloved trees is the pine tree. Its beauty lasts all year long and adds a nice dash of green to a white winter landscape. Continue reading “TILED (vertical) COLUMNS”



Whether accent mosaic wall mural of floral and birds style, or accent decorative architectural mosaic, hand painted designs are presented by concept and use. They are all hand made and twice-fired in Tunisia and represent mosaic, kitchen, bathroom and accent tiles, with Italian, French, Arabesque, Tunisian, French, and Spanish designs. Continue reading “COLORFUL WALL MURALS”



HALLWAYS are very important part of your home. They are the “face” of your home – so they need to be unique and stylish. Hallways are narrower than the average room and are sometimes very hard to decorate because of  uninterrupted space that is marked with long stretches. Continue reading “HALLWAYS”