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A garden of bursting colorful flowers, birds or French Country can only bring more sunshine, cheerfulness and dynamism in a gloomy and/or cold style kitchen! Choose a hardworking, family-friendly surface, such as easy-to-clean ceramic mosaic tiles, to add sparkle to a ceramic kitchen backsplash (and vitality to a room!!!).

The light and dark hues of the kitchen’s warm contemporary color scheme are found within the backsplash tiles, resulting in an overall look that is fun, yet pulled together.

Get a backsplash set the color palette for your kitchen!
An antique blue-green-and-several other colors ceramic tile backsplash is the source of the color scheme for a warm and hospitable kitchen. Kitchen backsplashes no longer simply protect walls from spills and splatters, a wide array of eye-catching materials like ceramic tiles make the backsplash the focal point of today’s kitchens. Therefore, make up your choice and get ready to install spectacular attractive and protective backsplash in your kitchen.

As HGTV put it, whether you’re getting ready to install a brand new tile backsplash or just want to update your current backsplash, you’ll first want to explore as many kitchen tile backsplash ideas as possible. One of the great benefits of a tile backsplash—setting aside the fact that it’ll protect your kitchen’s walls from unsightly, unsanitary food spatter—is that it can add great aesthetic appeal, visual diversity and color to your kitchen design. The tile backsplash in a kitchen—especially one that features an otherwise understated, Mediterranean floral design—is often a great place to experiment with cheerful designs, patterns,  and colors.

Additionally, many homeowners find that a ceramic tile backsplash is exceptionally easy to clean—an essential feature if the kitchen in your home is an active one where plenty of meals are prepared. Many ceramic tile backsplashes will wipe clean with a rag after meal preparation has left them laden with splashes and other cooking spatter. But natural tiles do need cleaning if you want to maintain its appearance.

On top of its ease of use and utility, ceramic tile is also highly customizable, making it an attractive backsplash option for anyone looking to add visual interest via a backsplash. Various tile materials are available in an almost endless array of styles, colors, shapes and sizes.

Mosaic ceramic tile is another popular tile backsplash choice, especially for anyone interested in adding some visual interest to their kitchen. Often made of glass, ceramic or stone, these small tiles stick to a mesh backing and are arrayed in a diverse pattern. The mesh backing means homeowners don’t need to worry as much about cutting the tiles, which makes mosaics a popular choice among DIY-ers looking for a simple, attractive and easy-to-install option. If you’re considering adding a new backsplash to your kitchen or updating an existing one, the many styles of mosaic tile backsplashes offer both diverse and classic options to explore.

Mosaic backsplashes are a common feature in kitchens because of the visual interest they can add as well as the relatively low maintenance they require. Mosaics are generally defined as a collection of glazed glass, stone or tile pieces arranged to depict an artistic scene or pattern design.

The first mosaics date to 3000 BC approximately and have continued to appear throughout history—all the way to their modern use in kitchens, bathrooms and contemporary art and architecture. The tile pieces that are used to form mosaics are now available in an almost infinite array of styles, colors, and materials—and determining which style and material is right for your home will be one of your first tasks as you plan your mosaic backsplash.

You’ll have plenty of mosaic materials options to choose for your backsplash. Because of their popularity, mosaic tiles are available in just about every conceivable format, especially ceramic.

In terms of colors and patterns, your choices will be just about infinite, from simple, to multicolored and intricately patterned styles, or arrangements depicting pastoral or classic art scenes. Shapes vary as well, from traditional round or square styles to hexagons, triangles and other geometric shapes.

Once you’ve decided on the material you’ll use for your mosaic tile backsplash as well as the style, color and shapes you’re most drawn to, it’s time to source the tile material. You’ll find no shortage of options at your local home improvement retailer. When you find the perfect tile for your home, simply measure the surface area you’re planning to cover on the wall space in your kitchen to determine how much tile you’ll need.

Finally, when you’ve determined the look, feel and scope of your ceramic mosaic masterpiece, and you’ve got the materials on hand, it’s time to install the backsplash. Many homeowners report that mosaic tile is easier to install than other backsplash options, chiefly because it is generally configured in large sheets of tile that can then be stuck to a wire-mesh or other adhesive background, which in turn attaches to the wall. This can reduce the need for time-consuming and complex tile cutting, which helps explain mosaic tile’s appeal among DIY enthusiasts.

Once you’ve decided on how much backsplash you want to feature in your kitchen, it’s time to think about style. Your choices in terms of materials, colors and layout are just about infinite, with a wide range of aesthetic, quality and price options.

Ceramic tile is a popular choice for kitchen backsplash designs because it’s widely available and comes in an almost infinite variety of styles and colors. Perhaps most importantly, ceramic tile can be cleaned fairly easily (the “splash” in backsplash is there for good reason). Within the range of ceramic tile choices, you’ll find simple high-gloss “subway tile” styles in every color of the rainbow, all the way through to elaborate designs and patterns that can give your kitchen a tremendous amount of visual flair. Perhaps one of the most popular styles, a ceramic tile backsplash can work well in a variety of kitchen areas. Ceramic tile is a classic, timeless choice for a backsplash. Available in a number of sizes, shapes, colors and textures, ceramic tiles can be used to create a variety of designs.

Once you decided to go for ceramic tiles, then you can choose those that will work best in your kitchen area. A country style kitchen might pair well with pale yellow tiles or a mix of faded green and blue tiles.

On the other hand, a Tuscan style kitchen might be enhanced by ceramic tiles that are accented by a decorative bunch of grapes or ivy.

Also as HGTV webpage put it, from contemporary to cottage, today’s most popular looks inspire beautiful kitchen designs. Long gone are the days when kitchens were dreary work spaces, hidden behind closed doors. Today’s kitchens are central to everyday living and special-occasion entertaining, often doing double duty as family rooms, offices and media centers, as well.

“The kitchen is truly the focus of the home today,” says New York-based interior designer Andrew Suvalsky. ”

A great kitchen design will give essential clues to how the rest of the home can and should develop.” To meet the growing demand for showstopping kitchens, manufacturers now offer cabinets, countertops and fixtures in all of today’s most popular design styles, from Old World to modern, city chic to country cozy. And your options aren’t limited to what you’ll find in the kitchen showrooms, either. Andrew and many other designers also turn to antiques stores, high-end furniture makers and salvage resellers when sourcing kitchen projects.

Whether you’re designing your kitchen to match the decor of other rooms, or planning your whole home’s look around the kitchen, you can make it a beautiful reflection of your personal style. Open and inviting, country kitchens allow you to enjoy the feeling of a weekend getaway right in your own home — even if you’re smack in the middle of suburbia. Farmhouse tables and furniture-like cabinetry are popular conventions, and an eclectic mix of finishes helps create a comfortable, lived-in look. Country colors range from primary red, yellow and blue to aged tones of cream and pale yellow; whatever hues you favor, mixing rather than matching is the country way to go.

Mediterranean or French Country?
Imagine you are in a small hotel in Tunisia, North Africa. The colors are sun-dappled. The surfaces are elegantly timeworn, and the atmosphere is pure romance. To replicate that Mediterranean ambiance anywhere, look for fabrics in rich tones of russet, cobalt and ochre, warm-toned wooden cabinetry, and handmade ceramic accessories. Rough-hewn textures, copper pots and rush seats add the final touches.

And, whether you live at the beach or just wish you did, you can count on cool shades of blue, green, white and sand to create a vacation-time mood. Seagrass and wicker seating are casual, comfortable and coastal. Fabrics and flooring designed to stand up to wet bathing suits make coastal-style kitchens easy to care for, and window treatments that allow for maximum sunlight will have everyone in let’s-get-to-the-beach mode bright and early.

Your kitchen backsplash is a personality piece. Refined or funky, neutral or loud: What’s your style? The ceramic tiles you choose to spruce up the wall space between the countertop and cabinets and above the range, should showcase the color scheme and theme of your kitchen, whether contemporary or traditional.

Kitchen backsplash is a focal point.
t’s an opportunity to be creative!

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