Decorative tiles are offered in a very large range of unique items.  They are all individually hand painted, and fired twice in Tunisia!

Such items are medallions as illustrated above, accent entrance tiles, garden tiles, kitchen backsplash, bathroom wall mosaic, floor tiles, accent tiled table, patio tiles, bathroom border tiles, bathroom wall murals, outdoor tiles, accent flooring tiles, fountain tiles, outdoor mosaic murals, bathroom mosaic murals or bathroom border tiles, etc.

An amazing team of seven Artisans strong Art Studio, in Nabeul, Tunisia, is working on tiling projects!  They offer vibrant colored decorative tiles, very well packed in 4” X 4in and 6” X 6”.

Tunisia delivered the world’s largest hand painted mosaic mural! 300 large tiles were hand painted to compose this mosaic, each measuring 7.75″ x 7.75″ (20cm x 20 cm)!

The dimensions of the mosaic were 3.28 yards x 4.37 yards (3m x 4m). It needed 7 working days, and a team of 3 skilled Artists who were involved in hand designing, and firing the 300 tiles.

This world’s largest hand painted mosaic mural was sold in early 2010 to a client in NYC. The theme was of a Veranda View in Capri, Italy.

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