Whether accent mosaic wall mural of floral and birds style, or accent decorative architectural mosaic, hand painted designs are presented by concept and use. They are all hand made and twice-fired in Tunisia and represent mosaic, kitchen, bathroom and accent tiles, with Italian, French, Arabesque, Tunisian, French, and Spanish designs.

Tiles are UV, weather, scratch, fade, frost proof. They can be used indoors and outdoors. Mosaic can be used for wall or flooring applications. It makes a creative home decor addition, or bath, kitchen wall decor. In the form of murals, the most durable, easy to clean, resistant to erosion, the most bright color, technique of expression, the most diverse, are undoubtedly ceramic murals.

Ceramic wall murals are not a simple copy of an original painting, but the re-invention of art!   

So, bring the invigorating freshness of spring and the warmth of summer into your home with an incredible collection of floral wall ceramic murals! If you love splashes of vibrant colors then there’s plenty to suit your tastes, from the classic look of daisies against the backdrop of a bright blue sky to pink and yellow flowers swaying in the meadow’s breeze.

Or perhaps your style is more understated, in which case you might opt for one of our wall ceramic flowers of a pink rose, wild lavender or a bunch of hazy blue flowers.  The images used in floral wall ceramic murals are of such breathtakingly high quality that you’ll find it difficult to believe that you’re not sitting in a flower forest. You’ll be able to see every little detail in the petals of the hibiscus flower as the sun shines, or the dewy water droplets resting delicately on the intricate swirls of a rose.

Bring the outside into your home with a flower ceramic mural that gives your home a new lease of life and immerse yourself into the depths of the natural habitats of some of the world’s most magnificent birds and butterflies.  

All around the world, the bird kingdom has provided us with some truly extraordinary sights. Birds are incredible creatures. With bright colors and beautiful songs, bird ceramic wall murals allow you to adorn your living space with these awe-inspiring creatures. In their ceramic wall mural decorations, artists play with blue, white, yellow, green, burgundy graceful colored birds, which adds even more light and vitality to your homes.

Whether you’re looking for something with a vintage feel or just a brightly colored feature wall, outstanding collection of ceramic wall coverings will do the trick. All wall murals can be customized to your exact dimensions. That means whether you’re redesigning your living room or decorating a child’s room, something truly unique can be created to you. So, make these awe-inspiring doves, butterflies and peacocks a regular view in your every day lives with one of these wall murals!

Whether you prefer the soothing image of a dove flying over flowers, or a gorgeous wall mural of peacocks, there’s certainly a bird wall mural for you. The vibrant colors bring the image to life, and the incredible attention to detail will make you feel as though you’re flying alongside doves or exploring a garden in search of new species.

Not to be outdone, butterflies are one of nature’s most beautiful creations, with unique, symmetrical, patterned and colorful wings, they boast delicateness and femininity. To celebrate these wonderful creatures, fantasy and charm have been added by also introducing butterflies to ceramic wall murals, to make your heart flutter, and add more color, calm and a touch of playful to your interior. Butterflies are perfect for a sophisticated detailing in the living room or kitchen or fun in a girls bedroom. Actually, birds and butterfly wall murals features something for everyone!

On top of all that, Arab style dome-shaped exotic arches triumphantly resting on impressive columns give a royal crown touch to captivating spring smelling ceramic wall murals artistically designed.

Tunisia in North Africa is world famous for hand painting and firing ceramic tiles, for centuries.
Subject to Greek, Roman, Arabic, Turkish, Spanish, Italian, and French influence, due to its geographic location, Tunisia remains home to the largest collection of Roman mosaics, and home to the world’s most skilled Artists and hand designers on ceramic tiles. There are many ways to decorate a building in Tunisia. Ceramics, sculpture, painting and mosaic are some of the more commonly used techniques. Some architectural elements also have an ornamental purpose. Contrary to popular belief, architectural decoration in general, is often figurative.

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